Aliberti Governance Advisors

Offers corporate governance consulting and research services to listed and privately owned companies, AIM companies, Italian and international institutional investors, financial media and not-for-profit organizations.

Livia Aliberti Amidani

Mrs Aliberti Amidani is the professional leader of Aliberti Governance Advisors. She has gained extensive experience in corporate governance projects for a wide range of clients, ranging from listed companies to activist funds. A member of the Scientific Committee of Nedcommunity (the Italian Community of Non-Executive Directors), she currently serves as a Non-Executive Director and Statutory Auditor on the boards of private and listed companies in Italy and UK among which LVenture Group SpA, Industrie De Nora, Recordati (Statutory Auditor). She works as executive director for two UK based and FCA regulated Financial advisory firms, where she is CR1,CF30, CF10, CF11, Bayes Investments, advisor to the Luxembourg Made in Italy Fund and Quantyx Ltd.
Mrs Aliberti Amidani is an expert in gender diversity issues and sits on several advisory boards in Italy and the UK. She has also published books, articles and research reports on corporate governance and gender diversity in the boardroom. She holds a degree in Economics and Commerce, a Level 7 Certificate from the Financial Times and is a qualified Italian chartered accountant (dottore commercialista). After gaining significant experience at the Italian stock exchange regulator Consob, she worked for Monitor Company, an international Boston-based strategy consulting company, and then for an Italian corporate governance consulting firm.


Aliberti G.A. makes use of a multidisciplinary network of selected experts in the various fields of corporate governance: lawyers, risk management experts, auditors, internal auditors, executive search professionals and management consultants. The specialists are involved on a project basis, depending on the type of skills and expertise required in each specific case.

The “One size does not fit all” approach

Our approach is based on a set of technical competencies integrated into an innovative proprietary methodology, allowing the best fit to client needs. More specifically, our approach is:
  • Comprehensive, since governance involves a series of integrated systems
  • Multidisciplinary, since it brings together highly qualified competencies from different areas of expertise
  • Tailor-made to the clients’ needs, avoiding easy standardized solutions that are often costly and ineffective
  • International in terms of capabilities and models and practices
  • Independent, since Aliberti Governance Advisors have no ties with players in the financial markets
In addition, our exclusive focus is consulting on corporate governance matters.